Angels use signs as a method of communication the most common of which are listed below:

ANCHOR:  An anchor symbolizes stability.

BEAR:  A bear symbolizes strength.

BUTTERFLY:  A butterfly symbolizes a message from a loved one in spirit.

CAT:  A cat symbolizes playfulness.

CATERPILLAR: A caterpillar symbolizes a metamorphosis.

COBRA:  A cobra symbolizes a warning.

DEER:  A deer symbolizes love.

DOG:  A dog symbolizes protection.

DOLPHIN: A dolphin symbolizes freedom.

DOVE: A dove symbolizes peace.

EAGLE:  An eagle symbolizes freedom.

FEATHERS:  A feather symbolizes the presence of an angel.

FOUNTAIN:  A fountain symbolizes abundance.

FOX:  A fox symbolizes dishonesty.

GOLD COINS: Gold coins symbolize prosperity.

HARP:  A harp symbolizes music.

HAWK:  A hawk symbolizes protection.

HORSE:  A horse symbolizes strength of character.

HORSESHOE: A horseshoe symbolizes good luck.

ISLAND:  An island symbolizes isolation.

KEY:  A large gold key symbolizes a new business venture.

LADDER:  A ladder symbolizes a career advancement.

LAMB:  A lamb symbolizes weakness.

LION:  A lion symbolizes leadership.

MASK: A mask symbolizes deceit.

MOLE:  A mole symbolizes a solution.

MONKEY:  A monkey symbolizes happiness.

MOUSE: A mouse symbolizes insecurity.

OSTRICH:  An ostrich symbolizes denial.

OWL:  An owl symbolizes wisdom.

PEGASUS:  A Pegasus symbolizes freedom.

PENGUIN:  A penguin symbolizes insecurity.

RAINBOW:  A rainbow symbolizes joy.

RAVEN:  A raven symbolizes deceit.

RED ROSE:  A red rose symbolizes love.

ROOSTER:  A rooster symbolizes arrogance.

SCROLL:  A scroll symbolizes an opportunity.

SILVER BELLS:  Silver bells symbolize a wedding.

SPIDER'S WEB:  A spider's web symbolizes deceit.

STAG:  A stag symbolizes a financial gain.

SUITCASE:  A suitcase symbolizes travel.

SUN:  A sun symbolizes a new beginning.

SWORD:  A sword symbolizes a disagreement.

TORTOISE:  A tortoise symbolizes anxiety.

TREE: A tree symbolizes growth.

TRUMPET:  A trumpet symbolizes a celebration.

WHITE RABBIT:  A white rabbit symbolizes a birth.

WHITE SNAKE:  A white snake symbolizes a positive outcome

WHITE SWAN:  A white swan symbolizes serenity.

WHITE WINGS:  Wings symbolize the presence of an angel.

WOLF:  A wolf symbolizes a death.

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